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Trampolines consist of several key parts that work together to create a fun and safe bouncing experience. 

  1. Springs: These are metal coils that connect the jumping mat to the frame. They stretch and contract to provide the bouncing action when weight is applied to the mat. The number and length of springs can vary depending on the size and design of the trampoline.

  2. Jumping Mat: Also known as the bounce surface, this is the fabric stretched tightly across the frame where users bounce. It's typically made of durable polypropylene or similar materials that can withstand repeated use and exposure to the elements.

  3. Safety Enclosure Net: Many trampolines come with a safety enclosure, consisting of netting or mesh panels that surround the entire jumping area. This helps prevent users from falling off the trampoline and reduces the risk of injuries.

  4. Padding: Padding, also called the spring cover or frame pad, is placed around the frame and springs to provide cushioning and protect users from injury if they accidentally land on these parts. It's usually made of foam and covered with durable vinyl or PVC material.

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